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5 Reasons to Use Automation To Improve Your Manufacturing Process

Manufacturers use various engineered systems and software to control their production processes. The control measures used can vary depending on the complexity of the product, level of precision required in the process, and quality standards of the industry or brand. Systems used to increase process control may include: assembly automation equipment, data processing equipment, vision systems, condition monitoring, process sensors and actuators to control output quality. 

By incorporating the latest technology into your manufacturing process control, you are able to:

1. Operate efficiently

2. Improve output quality

3. Increase safety measures

4. Lower overhead costs 

5. Maximize profitability

Whether you are improving the manufacturing process of your current facilities or developing a new product line and implementing a new production line, consider these benefits as you are evaluating your long term return on investments: 

Increased Quality Control & Output

You can improve the quality of your output by ensuring that specifications are precisely met, greatly reducing the amount of human error in production. Each product will be precisely measured so exact recipes are followed, allowing for a consistent product. Data can also be collected for quality analytics. This data can be used to make informed decisions on component replacements and other changes aimed at improving the final product. 

Reduced Labor Costs

Oftentimes by automating manufacturing processes, you can increase production by having multiple batches or projects going simultaneously at an increased speed and accuracy. This increases output and profitability while requiring less employee attention. The amount of human labor required to complete each step of the process will decrease, saving on labor costs. 

Increased Safety 

If any steps in the manufacturing process of your products contain safety hazards, or if any deviations can become hazards, employee safety can be greatly increased with automation. By using an automated system to perform and oversee processes that include hazardous materials or byproducts, human interaction is minimized, and consistency in temperatures, pressures and exhaust measures is increased, increasing the safety of the work environment. 

Maximized Profitability 

Automating the manufacturing process or parts of it, reduces the need for human labor, cutting your labor costs and increasing the speed and capacity of production. By increasing the rate of production with automated production and decreasing the amount of error therefore wasted product, materials, and energy, your manufacturing process is optimally functioning, maximizing your profit potential. 

Partner with Summit Engineered Automation 

Summit Engineered Automation offers custom machine solutions for manufacturing automation. Our design build team can improve your process control by implementing a system to complete your processes and increase productivity, profitability and quality. These systems are customized to meet your production specifications to ensure all of your product quality standards are met consistently. 

Every sector in the manufacturing industry requires some sort of process control system, more complex processes with higher quality standards benefiting most from automation. 

Summit Engineered Automation provides customized automation solutions for: 

Summit strives to offer solutions for each customer that will exceed expectations and be a reliable source of production for years to come. For Corvida Medical, our design team combined the need for two machines into one. By using three 6-axis EPSON robots and two servo-driven rotary tables, this machine was able to assemble, weld, inspect and dispense products! By having only one machine, our customer was able to save on controls and future labor costs! This is one of the many examples of how our team can provide you with solutions that you can rely on! 

Agile Process

Summit Engineered Automation has been serving customers for over 25 years. We assess your manufacturing process and challenges and provide integrated and flexible automation solutions that benefit your bottom line. We have developed a process that addresses budgeting, project management, implementation and support to deliver state of the art technology for your facilities. The Summit Agile Process ensures that all risk factors are addressed and a complete solution is provided for each of our custom machine automation customers. Each automation design and build process includes careful planning, testing and execution to ensure a positive effect on the customers process control! 

Schedule your Free Consultation today to learn how Summit can help you improve your manufacturing process control and boost your profitability! 

5 Reasons to Use Automation To Improve Your Manufacturing Process

5 Reasons to Use Automation To Improve Your Manufacturing Process

5 Reasons to Use Automation To Improve Your Manufacturing Process

Summit Engineered Automation

Summit Engineered Automation

Summit Engineered Automation