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5 Ways Industrial Automation Services Can Increase Your Revenue

Revenue is the beating heart of any business, industrial or otherwise. When you work in the industrial manufacturing space, revenue growth comes down to making sure you have the best possible operational efficiency. Some companies chase revenue increases by implementing complex digital strategy or going all in on sales nurturing.

These things can work – and they’re not bad ideas – but they often skip more straightforward solutions in lieu of complicated planning. The truth is that the easiest way to increase revenue for your company is by implementing top-to-bottom industrial automation services.

You don’t have to take us at our word alone though. We’re happy to illustrate just how effective industrial automation services can be for a business. Here are five reasons why industrial automation services can help you increase revenue for your manufacturing business:

Industrial automation services reduce the cost of existing processes.
At any industrial facility, you’re going to have costs. Payroll, product, real estate, stock, sales, and so on. Most of these costs are necessary when it comes to the successful running of a business, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to make them cost less. That’s where automation comes in.

It’s important to note that the upfront cost of implementing industrial automation services isn’t zero. One common automation solution is using Robots, for example, and this clearly comes with an upfront cost. After the initial investment, however, the only costs involved are for repairs and the energy required to run them. With proper maintenance, those costs can become near-zero. Human workers have their own important roles, but you can save a lot of money by automating some of those roles to decrease year-over-year labor costs such as payroll and PTO – saving money and increasing revenue. This same idea can be applied to other existing costs.

Everything gets done faster, so more gets manufactured in less time.
There’s a limit to any human’s capability for work. They can only do so much, and so quickly. This isn’t necessarily bad, since a human is uniquely able to think outside the box to solve complex problems. Sometimes, though, all you need is successful, consistent large scale manufacturing. The right industrial automation services make it easier for you to get more accomplished in less time, decreasing your overall spend.

Fewer mistakes means limited product loss and more consistency.
Product quality and assurance can be more easily guaranteed when you’re utilizing industrial automation services. Whether you’re implementing manufacturing robots, PLCs, sensors, or conveyors – these advancements come with technological back-ups that eliminate waste. Fewer mistakes means fewer products lost due to mistakes and less lost revenue due to those mistakes.

Decreased risk of service interruption means less time (and dollars) wasted.
There’s a two-part reason that industrial automation services can decrease your risk of service interruption and down time:

  • First, automation leaves your human laborers to focus on specialized work like fine-tuning processes and improving the efficiency of existing technology. Their attention being focused on maintaining the success of your machinery decreases the chance of breakdowns because of the increased attention paid to maintenance.
  • Second, automation makes planning for downtime easier. Sometimes you need to shut things down for updates, maintenance, or something similar. Automation services have technological components that make tracking and planning downtime easier. Being able to estimate downtime makes it easier for your business to also plan for prevention and communicate all of this to stakeholders, guaranteeing support.

Better employee safety means lower insurance premiums.
Point blank: automating processes makes them safer. Flexible industrial automation solutions take away the risks posed to humans in a complex industrial environment. Depending on the products you manufacture, your employees can come into contact with potentially dangerous situations involving heavy objects, extreme temperatures, or hazardous chemicals. Automation takes away that risk and the associated costs.

Speaking of associated costs: according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, businesses spend upwards of $150 billion dollars each year on injury, illness, and worker’s compensation. The same organization projects that you can save between 20 – 40% of these costs by implementing better safety measures.

Interested in learning more about how industrial automation services can increase overall revenue for your business? Learn about our industrial automation services at Summit Engineered Automation, and let us talk you through the flexible, customizable automation services we provide.