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Increase Efficiency & Quality of End Products with Automation

Learn how to automate parts of your industrial manufacturing process to improve your bottom line. 

Automation is continually increasing the efficiency and quality of industrial manufacturing. With each technological innovation, there is increased opportunity for automation within the various manufacturing processes. Include powerful automation designed specifically for your industry and customized to meet the specific needs of your product in your manufacturing process.  

If you are considering automation in your industrial manufacturing facility, there are many different processes to consider. Begin with the process that will receive the most benefit from increased speed and accuracy. Once you begin your automation journey, you will likely expand to many more. 

Industrial Automation Provides Top 5 Benefits: 

  1. Consistency, Accuracy, Exactment
  2. Reduction of cost over the lifetime of a machine and production of a product. 
  3. Minimize product damage
  4. Reduce waste and product contamination.
  5. Improve production output almost immediately. 

Industrial Processes with Automation Opportunities 


If you need consistency, accuracy and attention to detail in the printing, dispensing, production and application of labels, consider automating this process. Automated machinery can be scaled according to business size and requirements and customized with designs for print and apply, apply-only, and print-only systems. 

Part Feeding

To reduce labor costs, increase production and minimize product damage, automate your part feeding process with an accurate and durable system. 


Automated welding systems range from basic, single units to multiple ultrasonic welding systems. New systems can be designed and modeled based on your current resources to avoid overloading or damaging electrical components. 


A customized tracking system can be created for digital or manual tracking, including marking and labeling. These systems are scaled based on inventory and designed to increase efficiency, reduce product waste and maintain quality standards. 

Dispensing and Filling

Automating the dispensing and filling step of your process allows for increased accuracy, tracking, and efficiency. This automated technology can be used in many industries, including medical. By focusing on filtration, volume and flow rate in aseptic conditions, automation systems maintain a reliably sterile environment for liquid packaging of medical and pharmaceutical products. 


Robotic systems employ low cost, high impact robots to automate tasks in your manufacturing process. These robots can integrate or replace laborers, semi-automated or fully automated systems that are outdated for increased productivity and cost efficiency. 

Partner with Summit Engineered Automation

Summit Engineered Automation has been designing, fabricating, and implementing automated solutions for business across many industries for over 25 years. Our experience in the medical, plastics, electronic, industrial and manufacturing industries will benefit your system by incorporating the most advanced and successful solutions based on the pain points of your manufacturing process.

We can assist you with automating all the above manufacturing processes and so much more. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how automation can save you money and improve the quality and consistency of your product!