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Semi Automatic Assembly Line

Dual operator mirrored work cell

Summit was contracted by a customer to upgrade a semi automatic assembly line (work cells and work fixtures) to reduce downtime and improve operator efficiency and work enjoyment. They had tracked their downtime on the previous equipment and over 40% of the downtime was attributed to sensor failure or vibrating loose of the pneumatic actuators. 

We deployed our agile process by sharing different costing models that offered a mirrored design option. We were able to show our customer that creating a Mirrored Work Cell Design would double the output of their current process due to the long UV cure time. The client was starting with a good process, but sharing the cost benefits of moving to  Intelligent Actuators and away from pneumatic actuators with sensors demonstrated their investment would pay for itself in reduced downtime costs within the first two months.

Heat Stake UC Cure Station
Dual Operator Pneumatic Work Cell

This project resulted in a work cell for this customer that:

  • eliminated the limit switches on the pneumatics
  • changed over to an all-electric design using intelligent motion products
  • creates flexibility and reliability in the process an operator can not make changes in force and speed
  • improved overall quality and reliability.

Technologies Used: Alan Bradley PLCIntelligent Actuators, Loctite Adhesive Dispenser