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Laser Ablation

This machine removes material from around the area where the fiber optic cables are potted into the connector, this ensure when 2 connectors are put together there is no material […]

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Separator Weld Cell

Summit was asked to assist with developing a Separator Weld Cell to consistently and accurately weld parts robotically for reliable outcomes each and every time.

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Corvida Medical

Corvida approached Summit to quote 2 machines, SA Needle Rachet Assembly machine and SA Final Assembly Machine. Summit worked with the customer to create a URS for both pieces of equipment and submitted a proposal for each.

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Entegris FOUP-FOSB Wafer Tester

A precision load cell and Keyence LVDT enable this machine to measure and record force/position data with a high degree of accuracy. A pair of IAI electric actuators allow the […]

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Phillips Medisize – Solder Inspection

Keyence’s XT-024 3D inspection camera provides this machine with the precision and accuracy required to inspect the quality of solder connections on a PCB. Parts are introduced to the camera […]

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CPAP Hose Testing

Leak Testing-Parabolic Flow Test-RTD Test-Low Ohm Test-Mold Press Tending-Auto Disposition Robot removes CPAP hose from molding press, tests for leak, flow and electric and then auto dispositioned. Related Projects

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