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Liquid Valve Assembly

Ultrasonic Welding-Ball Bearing Feeding-Auto Assembly and disposition-Vibratory Feeders

This machine assembles valve taps used for dispensing boxed liquids. The machine assembles and test two parts at a time to meet the rate of 40 parts per minute. First, the valve stem is fed into the machine from a vibratory feeder bowl. At the end of the vibratory track is a dead nest that will stop the motion of the stem. It is then inspected by a Keyence IV inspection camera for flash and short shots to ensure it meets specifications. If the stem does not pass inspection it is loaded into the nest but will not be assembled. The stem is then picked and placed into a nest on a rotary dial plate by a SCARA robot. Next, the body is fed into the machine from a vibratory feeder, it stops in a dead nest to be picked by another SCARA robot. The body is then placed onto the stem such that the valve is in the closed position. From there the flange of the body is inspected by a Keyence vision system for any flash or short shots to ensure that it meets specifications. After the flange inspection, the assemblies are leak-tested to ensure that product won’t leak when in the closed position. Finally, another SCARA robot will pick the parts from the nests on the dial table and offload them. Reject parts are placed into a red reject bin while good parts are sent to one of 3 boxes. At set intervals, the machine will run a challenge routine to ensure each inspection is still functioning as expected and a finished good part is placed into a QC in for manual quality inspection.

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