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Thermoclad panel V-scoring machine

V-Scoring with diamond tipped blades-Coolant-Chip Removal Conveyor-Thermal Clad Panel with Ceramic Coating

Summit’s Panel Scoring Machine was specifically designed to score aluminum and copper electrical circuit panels so they could be separated into individual circuits. The machine is fully programmable for the thickness of the panel, depth of cut, and all line positions using either on-screen programming or recipe selection. The challenge of this custom machine is that it uses coolant during the cutting of the panels that contain a layer of ceramic on the surface which gets suspended into the coolant causing issues with wear on all the moving surfaces. This was solved by using Setco spindles that use an air purge to keep out any contaminates and an automatic oiling system to keep contaminants out of the linear bearings. The key technologies used on this machine are:

  • Setco Spindles
  • Bosch Rexroth Actuators and Linear Rails
  • GE Programmable Automation Controller
  • Fanuc Servo Motors
  • Mayfran Chip Conveyor
  • Bijur-Delimon Oil System

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