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Automation SUPPORT

Customer-centric design demands customer-centric support

ongoing support you can count on

At Summit Engineered Automation, your customer experience doesn’t end when your project is finished. We offer a comprehensive support process that partners with you throughout your entire automation journey. Our customer-centric Agile Process makes envisioning and creating your new automation solutions easy, and our Customer Support Process guarantees they’ll keep operating at their best.


Your company should be able to implement your new automation on day one. Your new machine is shipped EXW, and in order to ensure accuracy, our clients organize and oversee transportation and installation themselves. We do come on-site before power up takes place, however, to ensure correct hook-up. If there are any snags or modifications needed, our automation support team is then already on-site and ready to help.

Acceptance testing

Testing should never stand between you and productivity. Our team works with your installation schedule to plan your Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) at your convenience. We’ll walk through the requirements with you and ensure that all safety precautions are taken care of then and there, so you can get back to work. This process is then repeated after installation to ensure everything is working correctly.

On-site service

Trying to solve complex issues over the phone is frustrating and time-consuming. If you need professional assistance with your custom machine automation system, Summit engineers are available to help with your automation maintenance in person. Custom automation tools demand custom automation support experiences.

Automation Support

Remote service

Not everything is an on-site level emergency. If you find yourself with questions or operational hiccups, our remote team is always accessible by phone and email. Depending on the situation, our techs can even walk you through small-scale solutions via video chat. Even miles away, our goal is to get you back on track as soon as possible.

Preventative maintenance

No automation solution lasts without dedicated care. Parts need replacing, automation software needs updating, and repetitive tasks take a toll on systems over time. Just as we emphasize risk management during production, we emphasize preventative automation maintenance post-installation. The frequency of our automation support technical maintenance is up to you, but we’ll follow your lead to keep your solution running 24/7, 365.


Your company and its automation solutions are evolving and scaling every year. You need solutions and systems that can grow with you. Summit’s automation solutions are designed with our trusted automation risk management process, as well as the future of your business, in mind. If and when you decide to upgrade or make changes, we’ll be with you every step of the way, just as we were for the original design.

Automation support with you in mind

Your project and your company are one of a kind. Your automation support should follow suit. Whether you need to schedule regular automation maintenance or develop a complex new design element, the Summit team has your back. We guarantee a response within 24 hours, so you’re never left wondering when help is on the way.

Ready to experience industry-leading support and service? Tell us about your project today.