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Electronics automation solutions

For 25 years, we’ve been providing electronics manufacturing automation systems to a broad range of Fortune 1000 companies.

EDA Electronics Automation That Improves Quality, Increases Output

With the advance in technology and a more demanding base of customers, electronics manufacturing companies are continually faced with the need to innovate and increase their automation solutions. This often leads to the realization that capacity is just too much for them to handle the way they always have. 

For this reason, more and more industrial electronics companies turn to Summit Engineered Automation for custom machine automation and custom-built electronics automation solutions for their unique needs when it comes to automation systems and machines.

Electronics manufacturing automation is one of the specialties that has set us apart from other automation companies for years. Our machines and systems help companies improve manufacturing quality while simultaneously increasing output and productivity. This allows more companies to meet their growing demand while maintaining the highest level of quality in their results.

Check out our Electronics Automation Case Studies

A flexible electronics printing machine for the University of Minnesota

Take, for example, a flexible electronics printing machine we designed for the University of Minnesota to be used in R&D applications. The machine could index forward to complete first-pass printing and curing, then return to start and print over the existing layer while holding consistent five-micron accuracy. This advanced design made it possible for multiple layers to print and cure on top of each other.

This is just one of the many examples of how we work with varying manufacturing companies to create fully customized electronics automation solutions that allow them to grow and become stronger. The demand for custom electronics automation, along with other industrial automation solutions, is only increasing and is expected to achieve a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.3% in just the next few years. 

At Summit, we leverage electrical automation technology and our engineering expertise and tools to have you up and running quickly and efficiently. We recognize the increasing demand for fast results while maintaining premier-level quality. For this reason, we constantly work to improve our own processes for faster turnaround without any diminishing results.

Robotic equipment, vision systems, conveyors, control systems, and more FOR SUPERIOR ELECTRONICS AUTOMATION

When it comes to designing unique electronics automation solutions, every company has access to the same “toolbox” of robotic equipment, vision systems, conveyors and control systems. These allow for the design and building of electronics manufacturing automation systems that are effective, but having the ingredients alone is not enough to make a great system. What differentiates Summit from the rest is how we use and optimize the tools. We have years of experience coaxing consistency and reliability from automation tools to produce dependable electronics manufacturing automation results. Additionally, we’re known for our agile project management processes that emphasize risk analysis, which means that our customer’s machines produce at higher OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) metrics. Some of the most important benefits of this approach are as follows:

✓ Higher quality products

✓ Lower manufacturing costs

✓ Faster speed to market

Industry-leading 4-hour service call response time

We realize that simply producing a great electronics automation solution is not enough. That is why our work doesn’t end after designing, building, and installing your custom manufacturing machines or production lines. 

The electronics automation systems that Summit Engineered Automation develops are known to run and run. Many have been churning out products for a decade or more. On the rare occasion, you need service, however, our average response time is an industry-leading four hours following your call. This means you are never left to figure things out on your own. Our team of electronics manufacturing automation experts will be there for the life of your custom solution to ensure your ongoing success.

Learn how we approach automation risk management to help your business with custom electronics automation solutions so you can begin operating more confidently and predictably.

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