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Electronics Automation Services

EDA Electronics Automation That Improves Quality, Increases Output

Industrial electronics companies turn to Summit for custom-built electrical automation systems and machines. For 25 years, we’ve been providing electronics manufacturing automation systems to a broad range of Fortune 1000 companies.

Our machines and systems help companies improve manufacturing quality while simultaneously increasing output and productivity.

A flexible electronics printing machine for the University of Minnesota

Take, for example, a flexible electronics printing machine we designed for the University of Minnesota to be used in R&D applications. The machine could index forward to complete first-pass printing and curing, then return to start and print over the existing layer while holding consistent five-micron accuracy. This advanced design made it possible for multiple layers to print and cure on top of each other.

We leverage electrical automation technology and our engineering expertise and tools to have you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Check out our Electronics Automation Case Studies.

Robotic equipment, vision systems, conveys, control systems, and more

Every company has access to the same “toolbox” of robotic equipment, vision systems, conveyors and control systems to design and build electronics manufacturing automation systems. What differentiates us from the rest is how we use and optimize the tools. Additionally, we’re known for our agile project management processes that emphasize risk analysis, which results in customer machines producing high OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) metrics.

At the same time, Summit electronics automation systems and machines positively impact our customers’ supply chains with:

  • Higher quality products
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Faster speed to market

Industry-leading 4-hour service call response time

Our work doesn’t end after designing, building, and installing your custom manufacturing machines or production lines. Summit manufacturing systems for electronics automation run and run. Many have been churning out products for a decade or more. On the rare occasion, you need service; however, our average response time is an industry-leading four hours following your call.

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