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Medical Automation Equipment

Pharmaceutical and medical Automation Equipment That will Grow Your Company

Manufacturing products for medical applications and pharmaceutical automation demand the highest measures of quality and tight tolerances. The machines and systems that make mass production of medical products and pharma automation possible are some of the most complex and challenging to build in the industry.

If you’re concerned with consistent product quality, lower manufacturing costs, higher productivity, and faster speed to market, Summit Engineered Automation equipment is designed and customized with your needs in mind.

With 25 years of experience designing and building medical automation equipment and systems for discerning engineers, Summit has emerged as a trusted collaborator and custom builder for businesses looking for inventive solutions to classic production problems.

Whether you’re seeking solutions for medical device assembly automation or need pharmaceutical process control, we have the engineering expertise and tools to have you up and running fast and efficiently.

With deep industry experience in designing medical automation systems, we can help you anticipate medical regulatory requirements. For instance, the FDA requires part-by-part documentation of machine parameters, including deviations. Automation solutions with back-end support can collect and store individual part data during manufacturing, which makes verification easier and simpler for you.

As your customers’ demands continue to rise, you need a reliable supplier that knows the unique challenges of the medical automation systems industry. From robotic equipment to vision systems and conveyors and control systems, we’ll design and deliver medical automation equipment that surpasses your expectations.

In one innovative example, we designed a machine that tested pacemaker leads using abrasion. Our client tested the leads until they failed and analyzed the data to help them design more robust leads.

Check Out Our Medical Automation Case Studies.

Robotic equipment, vision systems, conveyors, control systems, and more

Any company can access the same “toolbox” of robotic equipment — vision systems, conveyors and control systems — design and build automated manufacturing systems. What differentiates us is how we use and optimize the tools. We’re also known for our agile project management processes and innovative engineering that result in customer machines producing high OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) metrics. In the future, all medical automation equipment manufacturing project management will be agile.

After all, the agile methodology is designed around clear communication, collaboration and the flexibility to pivot quickly when you meet obstacles.

At the same time, Summit medical automation services and systems positively impact our customers’ supply chains with:

  • Higher quality products
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Faster speed to market
  • Lower labor costs
  • Higher productivity

Diabetes sensor needle autoload system increases production by 120%

Summit designed and built an automated line around a B&R Industrial Automation SuperTrak® transport system with several Epson Robots with Millibar EOAT. Prior to the autoload system the company was using four workers to manually place insulin sensor needles into an injection molding press. The new medical automation systems helped our client increase production by 120% while cutting labor costs by half.

Industry-leading 4-hour service call response time

Our work doesn’t end after designing, building, and installing medical automation equipment for your custom manufacturing or production lines. Summit automated manufacturing systems for medical equipment manufacturing run and run. Many have been churning out products for a decade or more. On the rare occasion you need service; however, our average response time is an industry-leading four hours following your call.

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