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customized Manufacturing automation solutions

Summit has over 25 years of experience providing manufacturing automation systems and services to a broad range of companies and industries.

Automated Manufacturing Systems That Increase Output and Improve Quality

Manufacturing continues to be a vital part of leading and emerging economies. With no sign of slowing down, more companies are turning to manufacturing automation companies to improve their processes and results. For this reason, Summit has come to be known as a leader in custom-built manufacturing automation systems that improve process and product development. With over 25 years of proven experience, Summit Engineered Automation has been providing manufacturing automation systems and machines to a broad range of companies.

If you need manufacturing automation systems, we’ll help you design and build a custom solution that’ll improve manufacturing quality while simultaneously increasing output and productivity. We leverage our manufacturing process experience and engineering expertise and tools to have you up and running quickly and efficiently. When it comes to custom machine automation, a true manufacturing automation partner understands the tripwires and pitfalls of this experience, so we can help your company maneuver around them for the successful implementation of the perfect manufacturing automation solution.

Understanding Your Process & Designing an Automated System to Exceed Your Current Output

While most manufacturing automation companies can offer the same basic solutions, the way that we do things at Summit Engineered Automation is simply different.

We go beyond basic vision systems, control systems, conveyors, and robotics. When it comes to custom machine automation, our team has extensive experience in agile project management, where we can quickly and efficiently adapt to change and new information. Another differentiator is the way we manage risk analysis and higher OEE metrics. 

Our team of manufacturing automation professionals takes your current process and refines it down until the root tasks are clearly defined. We then build up an automation system around those tasks to produce the most efficient overall system possible.

It is our goal to help our clients produce higher quality products, reduce manufacturing costs, and increase time to market.

In every way, our manufacturing automation team is here to provide automation consulting services to guide your production forward into the future.   

A CPAP hose manufacturing and testing system saves time and costs

Just one example of Summit ingenuity is demonstrated in a project we did with a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) hose manufacturing and testing system we designed for a manufacturing company. This is just one example of our medical automation equipment capabilities.

In this project, a robot removes a CPAP hose from the molding press on the manufacturing line and immediately tests for leak, flow, and electricity. The machine then automatically dispositions each hose. This insight into quality control during production allows the manufacturer to make real-time adjustments and improvements, all with reduced manpower and more consistent results. True manufacturing automation solutions will take into consideration the entirety of the production line to not only address a single point but improve the entire process.

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MANUFACTURING AUTOMATION ACCOMPLISHED USING THE BEST USE vision systems, Robotic equipment, control systems, conveyors, and more

Summit is known for a truly different approach to the design and development of custom automation systems. Our agile project management process emphasizes risk analysis, leading to the creation of specially designed systems and machinery that produces higher OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) metrics. While most custom machine automation companies design their products using the same standard toolbox of vision systems, conveyors, robotic equipment, and control systems, we make sure to step beyond the standard with an eye toward the future. This is why we incorporate Industry 4.0 technology when we create your custom manufacturing automation equipment. Summit has an approach to your manufacturing automation systems and machines that will positively impact business in these ways:

✓ Higher quality products

✓ Lower manufacturing costs

✓ Faster speed to market


There is clearly more to professional manufacturing automation than designing systems. This is only the beginning of the success for our clients. Our team of manufacturing automation experts are ready to answer the call whenever your system faces hiccups.

We should clarify that many of the manufacturing automation systems we’ve designed and developed are still operating flawlessly decades later, but to be prepared for the rare occurrences when there is an issue, our team of experts are ready and waiting to resolve things. With a commitment to respond within 4 hours, we offer the best ongoing support in the industry.  

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Reach out to discuss your project with our manufacturing automation team and discover how we can help you progress your business forward. If you need something different such as product automation, electronics automation, or plastics automation we are prepared to help.

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