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Product Automation Services

Product Automation Equipment for consumer automation That Improves Quality, Increases Output

Consumer product manufacturers often need a broad range of custom automation systems. These include everything from product design automation to product test automation systems.

For 25 years, Summit Engineered Automation has been designing and delivering custom machines and systems that help companies improve quality while simultaneously increasing throughput for consumer automation.

A water filter assembly machine that does it all

Take, for example, a water filter assembly machine that uses vision-guided robots and a host of other technologies. This machine assembles water filters used in refrigerators. It sub-assembles the carbon block with a glue dam, inserts the carbon subassembly into the filter, caps it, spin welds the top on, and leak and flow tests each filter before putting a foil seal on it.

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Robotic equipment, vision systems, conveyors, control systems, and more

Every company has access to the same “toolbox” of robotic equipment, vision systems, conveyors and control systems to design and build product automation systems. What makes us different, however, is how we use and optimize the tools. Additionally, we’re known for our agile project management processes that emphasize risk analysis, which result in customer machines producing high OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) metrics.

At the same time, Summit product automation machines and systems positively impact our customers’ supply chains with:

  • Higher quality products
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Faster speed to market

Machine: Drill Bit Packaging Equipment

This automated equipment was designed to place drill bits into envelopes and seal them. The machine packed drill bits from 1/8″–1/2″ from a single count up to 12-bits per package, while handling 14 envelope sizes that are made for a mix of low to high volumes.

Industry-leading 4-hour service call response time

Our work doesn’t end after designing, building, and installing your custom manufacturing machines or production lines. Summit automated manufacturing systems for medical equipment manufacturing run and run. Many have been churning out products for a decade or more. On the rare occasion, you need service; however, our average response time is an industry-leading four hours following your call.

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