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Automated Vision Systems

Gain visibility into your machinery’s inner workings to ensure high-quality and consistent products.

Vision systems automation

Any machine or automation system is only as good as what it produces. Damaged products, equipment slow-downs, or worker injuries can be devastating to your productivity and profits. Your production line requires reliable, safe machinery that’s able to consistently produce high-quality goods and parts. 

Automated vision systems provide an extra pair of eyes inside the microscopic workings of your assets, giving you a heads-up before anything goes truly south. They can save factories a significant amount of time, money, and stress by reducing errors, increasing productivity, preventing injuries, and deflecting repair costs.

Vision inspections

Vision inspections (or machine automated vision systems) use a combination of hardware and software to give you and your employees a transparent look inside your machinery. If you’re working with machines that require full shutdowns for inspections or pose a danger to your workers during use, you’re at constant risk for injuries and lost revenue. Vision inspection solutions let you see the inner workings of your largest productions, allowing you to:

  • Schedule preventative maintenance
  • Protect workers from potentially dangerous situations
  • Uncover problem areas more quickly 
  • Avoid producing entire batches of unusable products 
  • Prevent severe machine damages

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Automated Vision Systems

Defect detections

Automated vision systems are particularly effective for defect detection and contamination alerts. Damaged products can have a devastating effect on revenue and productivity. And when you work with pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage, or explosives, damaged products pose an even greater risk to your company and your customers.

With the right machine vision integration, you can remove broken or damaged goods with more accuracy than the human eye. You can also pinpoint the source of the damage and tackle any required machine maintenance so your line can get moving again ASAP.

Common defects and contaminations caught by vision systems include:

  • Incorrect labels and barcodes
  • Broken parts
  • Broken or popped seals
  • Missing sections
  • Dented parts
  • Skewed or crooked caps
  • Color cross-contamination
  • Packaging leaks

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Automated Vision Systems

Process control

Effective process control vision systems align your machinery during operation. These inspection systems use smart cameras and sensors to regulate the distance, speed, and impact of different moving parts. 

Opportunities for process control vision systems integration include:

  • Liquid application regulation (paints, sprays, coating, etc)
  • Spillage control 
  • Machine positioning 
  • Lighting and imagery
  • Temperature regulation

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Summit Engineered Vision Systems Automation

At Summit Engineered Automation, we know how much the small details count—especially when you’re crunched for time and labor. Our creative automated vision systems utilize machine vision integration to work in and around your current machinery to cut down on wasted time, money, and resources while ensuring product quality.

Contact Summit today to discuss how vision systems can dramatically improve your production consistency and safety.