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Automation DESIGN

Unique, customer-centric, cross-industry solutions CUSTOM designed AND MADE to last.

Focus on the Design

The best automation design is one that fits your budget, compliments your tech stack, and solves your most pressing automation problems. At Summit, we tailor automation systems based on your unique needs—whether that means developing a brand new, cutting-edge technology or creating one single, custom part. Our automation services will take you from start to finish, with a focus on delivering exceptional results.

When your hands are busy juggling costs and productivity, you need a manufacturer that has your back: a creative partner eager to learn about your particular business and address your pain points with solution-oriented curiosity.

That’s where Summit’s custom machine automation design excels. When it comes to custom automation systems, a strong partnership means you’re never alone. Within this relationship, we continuously work to assess risks, research realistic solutions, and dig right to the core of your issues. If it turns out you need a custom automation system your team has never seen before, we’ll be there to train them on the new technology. Unsure of the protocols or requirements for your new machine? Not to worry. We’ll help you avoid risks by laying out industry standards for your equipment from day one.

Automation Design

Process Development

Our process development takes your company’s resources into consideration while helping you move forward with your automation design. Based on your current tech stack and goals, we work with you to develop the most beneficial design for your company. That means no matter what size your project is, we’ll ensure that it fits the electrical, mechanical, digital, and manual make-up of your floor. Plus, we’ll be there to ensure your staff becomes experts on your new solution—whatever their level of technical knowledge.


Computer-aided design (CAD) keeps the design process flexible and accessible from the brainstorming of your custom automation systems to the final product. As preferences change and requirements shift, CAD allows for quick adaptations and pivots that don’t slow down our design process or increase your budget. 

Additionally, you can access your automation designs and automated schematics at any time via Summit’s design portal. Full transparency means you’ll always be able to follow the process and ensure your input is heard. Online project visibility means you don’t have to wait for our weekly project meeting to stop a problem in its tracks. When we assess together, we build stronger.

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The key to a successful machine is rigorous testing during development. As designs shift, we create new prototypes and concept proofs to ensure risk management, efficiency, and accuracy before creating the final model. Weekly project meetings with our experts keep your team in the loop with our project managers. If you see anything missing from your prototype, it’s only a quick check-in away.

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Even the best prototype can miss a key issue when it’s not in action on your floor. Summit works with you from automation design through product support including your Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT), but we’ll also be there if your custom automation system isn’t working exactly as planned. If your newest addition is rattling your offices or not playing well with its neighbors, we’ll be there to set things straight and redesign on the fly. We ensure automation risk management throughout the entire process.

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