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Industrial Automation Systems

Powerful automation designed for every aspect of your industry.

Industrial Automation Systems FOR EVERY PROCESS

Every machine in your arsenal should be aligned to the same goal — creating quality products at efficient rates and costs. The secret to that success is cross-industry systems automation. At Summit, we use our 20+ years of experience to create industrial automation systems and provide automation services at every level of production.

With a strong focus on customer-centric practices and early risk analysis, a partnership with the Summit team and our Summit agile process make it simple to develop scalable, cost-effective, efficient, and relevant solutions.

The Different Types of Industrial Automation Systems

Environmental Systems

Solutions designed with health, regulations, and sustainability in mind. Ensure your products are safe and sanitary throughout production. Whether you offer medical services or food and beverage distribution, our environmental systems cover a wide range of controls, including temperature, pressure, moisture, and contaminants.

Vision Systems

Inspection systems and solutions with a keen eye for detail. Improve the quality of your work with defect detection, contamination alerts, and automated monitoring for irregularities and day-to-day flaws.

Robotic Systems

Task automation is made simple through low-cost, high-impact robots. Integrate or replace systems easily with our custom designs, class-leading robotic suppliers (e.g. Epson Robotics), and reliable testing and maintenance policies.

Labeling Systems

Dependable, clean labeling through automated machinery. Achieve consistency through accuracy and attention to detail in printing, dispensing, production, and application. Scale according to your business with custom designs in print and apply, only-apply, and only-print solutions.

Tracking Systems

Eagle-eyed solutions designed to maintain quality, increase efficiency, and reduce wasted product. Case-by-case designs for digital and manual tracking—including marking and labeling—that can scale with your inventory and tech stack.

Laser Systems

High-quality, low-cost solutions for laser machines across industries. Fully customized designs allow you to harness the power of our systems tailored to your specific laser needs. From drilling essentials to high-grade medical care, we offer precise laser capabilities including welding, cutting, and ablations.

Soldering Systems

Fast, accurate soldering solutions protect human workers while increasing output. Choose the systems automation that best works for your floor setup, whether robotics or integration system based.

Welding Systems

Safe and efficient welding solutions from basic, single units to multiple ultrasonic welding systems. Designed and modeled on your current resources to increase productivity without overloading or damaging electrical components.

Fastening Systems

Fastening solutions range from semi- to fully automated. Increase the speed and efficiency of screwing, riveting, and joining activities while maintaining quality and staying cost-effective.

Coating Systems

Clean and contained solutions that focus on precision, power, and reliability. Improve existing systems or work with us to design a coating system unique to your products with a diverse selection of tools for paints, sprays, guns, and bottles.

Web-Handling Systems

Creative solutions for the full spectrum of web-handling parts and systems. Whether you need coating, printing, slitting, sheeting, winding, or rewinding, our custom designs complement your individual processing needs to streamline your web-handling automation capabilities.

Parts Feeding

Accurate and durable solutions for improving existing feeders or creating new systems. Summit parts feeding projects prioritize labor cost reduction, increasing production, and decreasing product damage.

Dispensing & Filling

Sterile, reliable automation systems for handling liquid packaging at the medical and pharmaceutical level. Our focus on filtration, volume, and flow rate in aseptic conditions ensure the safety and consistency of your product.

Motion Controls

A wide variety of solutions to motion control needs ranging from robotics to hydraulics and pneumatics. Create the system best suited to your custom machine automation needs with unique strategies catered to your budget and machinery style.


Large- and small-scale assembly systems designed to increase efficiency while cutting labor and management costs. Offering system improvements as well as newly designed systems and robotics, your solution will always be unique to your needs.

Have new industrial automation systems in mind? Tell us about your systems automation project today.