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Automation Risk Management

We emphasize risk analysis early in process

Our design and build process is different. Our principles emphasize automation risk management and debugging through proof of concepts earlier on – eliminating projects doomed to fail and leading to reduced total automation costs. We partner with your team from beginning to end using these agile methods that focus on iterative early design, collaboration and transparent project management communications. Altogether this ensures that objectives and final product are aligned – thus relieving stresses normally associated with projects. We believe this manages risk better than traditional linear project management.

Our agile process with an emphasis on early risk analysis, proof of concepts and communication — leading to strong partnership. (click on image to expand)

Our principle objectives:

  • Emphasize risk analysis early and throughout
  • Enhance communications between all parties
  • Ensure the machine exceeds your expectations
  • Develop long-term partnerships on multiple projects

We employ the agile process across our entire business with an emphasis on reducing risk and building communications.

Budgeting: Throughout the project, the cost structure and budget for development and bill of materials is visible to you. The cost effectiveness of custom integrated automation becomes apparent through our pricing structure and projected ROI.


Project Management: Our philosophy relies on flexibility as well communications. Our project managers are empowered to make decisions that support common goals and mitigate risk throughout the timeline. We create prototypes for proof of concepts as needed. Transparent project management tools and status meetings ensure there are no unpleasant surprises in cost or delivery.

Implementation: We carefully plan your Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and work with you to ensure proper transportation and rigging. It is our goal to complete Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) in the shortest possible amount of time.

Support:  We work with you to define the level of support you need. It could be as complex as building in remote diagnostics with cameras to access equipment globally or locally, or simply set up scheduled preventive maintenance visits from our technicians.

At the end of each project, we will review the bill of materials and provide a comprehensive spare parts list. When you order these at the time of machine build, we can pass the savings on to you with no additional mark up. We want you to be fully prepared when the equipment hits your floor.