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Robotic Palletizing-Salt Block

This machine took salt and mineral block from the forming press and palletized them. 50lb blocks-reduce human risk of injury.

The robotic salt block palletizer cell was designed to automatically palletize 50lb salt and mineral blocks. The customer wanted to replace the existing manual operation with something that would be fully automatic to eliminate injuries caused by long reaches and heavy materials. The sequence of operation is for the robot to obtain a pallet from a stack of pallets that are loaded by a forklift. It then uses an ultrasonic sensor to find the top pallet and moves into position for a forked end effector on the robot to pick the pallet up and place it at the loading position on a conveyor. The robot then moves to the slip sheet staging area to pick up a slip sheet using a vacuum and places it on the pallet at the load position. After that, the robot will load 50lb salt or mineral blocks onto the pallet until it is full. The robot will then pick another pallet and slip sheet to create a stack of two pallets high of salt blocks. After completion of a stack of two pallets, the conveyor will activate sending the stack to the end of the conveyor through a set of light curtains to be removed by a forklift.

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