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Industrial Automation Projects For Companies in Electronics, Industrial, Manufacturing, Medical, Plastics and Consumer Products Industries

Summit Engineered Automation has designed scores of custom automation machines and projects for businesses in a broad range of industries: electronics, industrial, manufacturing, medical, plastics and consumer products.

To better manage risk and minimize issues down the road, we follow a highly structured process to design and build your automation equipment. We call our methodology the Summit Agile Process. The process helps us, and you, navigate technology and engineering risk factors and more. This framework ensures your automation projects exceed your expectations.

Browse some of our industrial automation projects found below, sorted by industry, to learn more about our breadth of capabilities. When you’re ready to build your next custom machine for your business, let’s talk.

Here are just a few of the industrial automation projects we are proud to feature:

Electronics Industry
Aerosol printing-corona treating-web guiding-tension control-sintering-5 micron repeatability.
This was an R&D machine for flexible printed electronics — University of Minnesota.

Industrial Industry
This laser ablation machine removed excess material where fiber optic cables are potted into the connector. It ensures no material obstructs the connections when two cables are joined. 

Manufacturing Industry
This vision inspection system for pallet handling was designed for an ammunition manufacturer to ensure there were no missing components while the ammo moved down a packaging line. 

Medical Industry
A CPAP hose manufacturer needed a machine to perform a leak and parabolic flow test. The robot removed CPAP hoses from the molding press and tested for leak, flow and electric and then auto dispositioned.

Plastics Industry
This lower body valve assembly machine provided a range of functions: auto feeding, pick & place, assembly, sonic welding, leak testing and auto disposition. The machine sub-assembled balancing valves for a faucet company leader.